Stop Mom Shaming

“Mom-shaming is bullying other moms for their parenting choices in subtle (sometimes not so subtle) aggressions sprinkled into play conversations.“

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but so many fall into this trap. One of the more common ways being commenting on HER choice to Work or Stay Home. Let’s be clear, we all have opinions, they’re butt holes, EVERYONE has one!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of they way. Even if you think you’re being harmless or “funny” by saying, “You’re like the white people since you get to stay home with your baby” or “I would miss my baby too much to leave her all day“ does not make it acceptable or okay. We all can be a little more careful, those statements can be passive aggressive, shaming, and quite rude. No one has the right to judge another mom’s choice and it’s also important to keep in mind that these may not even be a choice at all. We don’t know folks stories or situation, so lets just be a little nicer.

Furthermore, ALL MOMS NEED routines/ systems in place to survive the day to day life. So, I want to share an easy DIY project you maybe able to implement to put things a little at ease.

Routines are super important as they help build productivity, but understand that sometimes they’re meant to be broken AND that‘s completely okay as long as you bounce back.

This DIY routine project will work for both Work or Stay Home Mom.

  1. Gather all of your supplies: (Clipboard, wood clothespins, to do list, permanent marker and a pen)

  2. Write down everything you do on a daily and weekly basis (At home or Outside the home)

  3. Write each item on a clothespin, checking off the to do list as you go

  4. Structure clipboard by writing (Daily, Weekly, To Do, Done)

  5. Sort the clothespin in it’s designated space

Then boom you have a structured system in place, so you’re not overwhelming yourself and something tangible you can manipulate and see, so that to give yourself grace for getting things done, even if it’s not every single thing.

NOW, let’s do a better job at supporting EVERY mom!


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