How to organize your life

Developing an organized routine is essential to adapting to change or simply just living a refreshed life.

But remember too much organizing leads to no success. Give yourself GRACE, don't try to do it all at one. Recently, I shared a 30-Day Declutter Challenge, that could be a starter. Some of these come from there, however, here are 20 things I believe everyone should definitely do to organize your or as my husband says, "Life Audit" in the midst of chaos.

1. Develop a morning routine

2. Spend time with GOD!

3. Write everything down

4. Set goals for yourself

5. Declutter your home

6. Then always keep a tidy home

7. Organize your closet

8. Clear your emails immediately (unsubscribe)

9. Declutter your phone (apps & photos)

10. Sort your photos in folders

11. Plan & stick to self-care routine

12. Meal prep - your health is so important

13. Set a place for everything/ always put back

14. Set three intentions everyday

15. Track your income and spending

16. Donate or sell items

17. Stock up on regularly used items

18. Use marked storage bins

19. ALWAYS make your bed

20. Set up a work space

Here are TWO extras:

1. Separate your bank accounts (auto pay your tithes 10%)

2. Subscribe to an inspirational podcast

Looking at life from a different perspective could help the quality of life.

"All is all, life's good when you look at the good." Shakera

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. - Stephen Hawking

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