How Can You Change Your Mindset

Updated: Feb 3

We’re approaching a new decade and we cannot keep doing what we’ve always done and expect NEW results.. Something has got to change!

Here’s what I think, we MUST first activate our faith, change our mindset and then align our actions. I have five realistic steps to get you going.

1. Overcome FEAR

You need to know who you are and whose you are. Check yourself and identify who you are trying to serve. Remember God doesn’t put the spirit of fear in you. He placed something special on the inside of you, so STOP looking for other people to validate that or you, your calling is your calling!

Nothing is as powerful as a changed mindset. Are you ready to #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray!

2. FORGIVE others

In order to truly be at peace and live you’re life more like God, he wants you to have a heart of forgiveness. Stop holding on to problems from the past regardless of who the person is. God will handle them, you just need to forgive!

3. FOCUS on your gift

We all have UNIQUE gifts but in order to focus, you have to STOP comparing yourself to others. Comparison is dangerous and a thief of joy, don’t fall in that hole. Get closer to God and figure out what you’re passionate then COMMIT, be CONSISTENT, and build COMMUNITY.

4. Understand that FAILURE is a lesson

It’s all apart of the process. There’s NO elevator to success, so stop being so hard on yourself and CELEBRATE small wins. Every successful person had to experience failure, rather it may be publicized or not. There’s a test in the testimony… Blessings in the lesson… Just be patient!*God already orchestrated a guaranteed WIN for you!


Understand that every new level requires NEW responsibilities. But we have to be intentional with our daily routines and avoid procrastination. Remember a vision is just like a dream unless we do something about it.

If you have other ways, you'd like to share about changing your mindset then let’s talk about it. Simply leave a comment below or I’m available on all social media @lifeissosincere

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