30 Things To Do While Quarantine

Relax everyone, ShiFT happens! But when it does we don’t need to panic because panicking really doesn’t solve problems. Instead we have to pray about EVERYTHING and then find alternatives while we’re on “lockdown” I mean social distancing :)

Put the phone down, enough perusing every news station and the CDC. Today I’m sharing 30 things to do while being quarantine. It’s not the end of the world and just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to be bored.

1. RELAX - Literally what the definition means, be less tense

2. Declutter a space in your home - Spring cleaning :)

3. Sell unwanted items online - Offer up, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari

4. Donate any unsalable items - Someone in need or Goodwill

5. Take a walk around your neighborhood

6. Identify the goals you hadn’t started making steps toward - DO THE WORK

7. Start a garden - Stop freaking out about the stores and learn to grow your own

8. Read a book - If you don’t have physical books, Kindle and Amazon are great options or the Bible

9. Write in your journal - Reflect on your past, things you’ve accomplished and how you want to continue to grow

10. Listen to a Podcast - The Faith Podcast is my favorite

11. Subscribe to a YouTube Channel - Watch, Like, & Comment

12. Create your own social content - Canva, Phonto, or Adobe

13. Call to check on a family member or a friend

14. Cook or Bake with your family

15. Watch a good series on Netflix - Good Girls, The Fosters, You

16. Play Board Games - Monopoly or Taboo

17. Do a puzzle

18. DIY Project with family

19. Plan & Book a future trip - Prices are dirt cheap

20. Exercise or Yoga

21. Make a smoothie

22. Plan for a special occasion that’s coming up

23. Reminisce - look through old photo albums or watch videos

24. Make a fan fort :)

25. Draw a picture or color

26. Hang up pictures or paintings that you’ve been putting off

27. Make tie dye shirts

28. Cut up old jeans

29. Cyber Sanctuary- Your church, Transformation Church, The Potter’s House

30. Most importantly PRAY!

I hope you feel a little more at ease as we’re in the house for the next few weeks. Also, all of these options are kid-friendly, so if you have children include them, make them your little helper or teammate.

If you panic that's a good way to lose.

I’m praying for each of you! Peace.

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© 2020 by Shakera Moody.