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Growing up the oldest child, grandchild, friend, etc I thought I had to have it all together and constantly strive for perfection. Life is So Sincere was born to show others that you don't have to be perfect but progressing in a sincere way.

I knew very early on that I wanted to break generational curses... I worked really hard at everything I was apart of in life, Started working a "real job" at the age 14 and saved up to buy my first car at 16. I was the first in my family to graduate high school early, work Full-Time and attend Georgia State University earning my B.A in Journalism concentration Media Broadcasting, minor in Sociology.

People have always told me that I inspire them so much and that I'm a really positive person BUT the reality was I was dealing with my own struggles in private. Being there for others being that positive light is my security, really my GOD GIVEN GIFT!

I knew I wanted to impact the lives of others by sharing my testimony and parts of my sincerest life. I've always dreamed of hosting my own show. However, prior to graduating I discovered, God had a divine purpose for me to see my capabilities as a teacher. I taught First Grade for three years and left to pursue my passion as a Digital Content Creator, while being a stay at home mom to my SONshine Sincere. Here I am, a passionate content creator who #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray living to educate and inspire others each and everyday.

Always #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray each and everyday because God will make a way.

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