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"Your past does't determine your future."

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Meet Shakera

Entrepreneur, Mom Blogger, Podcast Host and Inspirational Speaker

Well, Hello! Meet Shakera. Shakera holds many roles but most importantly she's a woman of God. Every since being healed, she's determined to live by God's Plan and #WalkByFaithAndSlay + Pray daily. She's  A HELAED CHILD OF GOD and that's important because she was broken for 25 years. She's struggled with "being in her own head" practically all of her life. 

From My Blog

Life is So Sincere derived from my son's name Sincere when he was born January 20, 2019. The blog started as an inspirational space for women transforming into their best selves. I utilize the blog to help others change their mindset, so that they can rediscover their why + embody a sincere relationship with God. You may find content about Parenting - Lifestyle - Inspiration. We hope that you find value and join our internet family.

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“Shakera has been the best mentor a girl can ask for. She has done nothing but push me to be the best black woman I can. I follow in her footsteps because she is a Christ follower, financially wealthy, and has a beautiful family. She has taken all of the right steps to become successful and I know for a fact it wasn't easy. I've been watching her since I was 15 (20 now) build to get to where she is at and it's been nothing but a blessing. I couldn't ask for a better mentor because she's guided me down the right path and has positively influenced me so much..”

Makayla Elam

Owner, The Kayy Kollection

“Your story is so inspiring, and I am so excited about what God is doing in your life now and what he is getting ready to do. I pray God continues to inspire you to inspire others!!”

Labria Thompson 
Gospel Recording Artist

“You’re such an inspiration and your story is so relatable. From your first activity throughout. God is using you immensely and I am honored and proud to have you in my counsel.”

Kayla Shelton-Burleigh

Owner, Walking Testimony


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Location: Atlanta, GA

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